Customer retention is a top priority for every business. At the end of the day, no business can survive without loyal customers. So what is the key to creating a brand built on customer retention? Making your customers feel seen and heard plays a huge role in building a loyal customer base – and this is the foundation that Mentor is built upon. ClickZ reports that when done right, “peer-to-peer communication can be used to assess customer health and sentiment.” This is exactly what Mentor does for businesses. 

Here are 5 reasons why Mentor is the best customer retention and feedback platform for your business.

1 – Mentor has advanced sentiment analysis capabilities.

Mentor is an incident-based platform that enables you to pinpoint specific customer feedback and experiences. Our technology analyzes sentiment and customer emotion to break down customer complaints so you can manage them individually. Classic customer experience systems like the Net Promoter Score® are – while beneficial in many ways – often one-dimensional. Our sentiment analysis capabilities allow you to go deeper and have a more personalized connection with customers.

Mentor’s advanced sentiment analysis technology searches for keywords and evaluates consumer sentiment and categorizes it as positive, negative, or neutral. Tickets are created and prioritized based on the magnitude of the issue, enabling your customer success team to take action when needed. Your reps can directly interact with customers if need be, either through email, SMS, or a phone call. 

2 – Mentor is easy to use for customers and businesses alike.

Consumers are used to seeing QR codes, and the general population is familiar with how to use them. A recent study by Statistia found that in the US alone, an estimated 11 million households will scan a QR Code in 2020. That’s no small number – and one of the main reasons we chose to use QR codes as the best mechanism for brands and consumers to interact through Mentor. 

As customers are interacting with your business, whether it’s online or at a brick-and-mortar location, leaving customer feedback through the Mentor platform is as simple as having a smartphone. Customers can hold their phone up to your company’s QR code to leave feedback. They’re then taken to your store’s custom Mentor page, where they can leave responses in a variety of ways – including open text forms, photo and video uploads, and ratings. Once they hit submit, their work is done – and it can all be done in under a minute. 

3 – Mentor allows for one-to-one customer interactions.

Once your customer leaves feedback through the Mentor platform, the software does the heavy lifting of analyzing sentiment, creating and prioritizing tickets, and evaluating the nature of the response. Your customer success team can easily manage the ticket cue and decide on what the next steps will be. Your reps can follow up with customers directly, either through SMS, email, or a phone call in order to solve immediate issues right away. 

This is one of Mentor’s prime benefits – breaking the barrier between businesses and consumers to create a one-to-one conversation. It’s no secret that personalization is one of the keys to customer retention. Every customer deserves to be treated like they are the most important customer you have. Mentor opens up an opportunity for your business to directly interact with customers through these personalized interactions – and it’s those interactions that make all the difference in a customer’s perception of you.

4 – Mentor lets you evaluate customer experiences across locations.

Do you operate stores or businesses across multiple locations? Do you struggle to evaluate the successes and struggles of those stores individually? Mentor is here to help. Through the platform, you have access to unparalleled insight into the customer experience not only by incident, but by location. This enables you to take the appropriate action to correct situations at individual locations before it’s too late.

Mentor also gives you the ability to proactively track incidents within the customer experience team and push tasks to affected locations – opening the door to understanding the customer like never before. Consistency across locations is a huge aspect of customer retention, and Mentor allows for the consistency you need for customer happiness across state lines.

5 – Mentor enables positive ROI for your business.

A solid customer retention rate is essential to positive returns on your investments. Consider how much it costs to not only acquire a customer, along with how much your average customer spends on your business per year. When customers are dissatisfied, you’ve essentially lost their business. Plus, if they go to social media or a review platform like Yelp, they can leave negative reviews and deter other customers from buying from you. 

With Mentor, you’ll have access to in-depth data about your customer feedback and be able to make informed decisions based on specific incidents and locations alike. By knowing your average revenue per customer per yet, you can get an idea of how much cash you’re losing every time you have a dissatisfied customer who couldn’t be helped before it was too late. Mentor enables customer retention, which in turn, enables positive ROI – which is the common denominator of every business.
If you’re struggling with customer retention and are looking for a solution to keep your customers happy and coming back, contact us today to learn more about Mentor can help.