Turbocharging Customer Retention

Mentor is a customer feedback platform that is revolutionizing the way companies collect, track, and respond to their customers, helping to ensure customers leave happy and keep coming back. 

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A complete solution for your unique needs

Mentor helps manage the customer experience, giving your customers a voice and keeping them coming back. 

Location Management

Keep track of multiple locations easily and with precision. Have full transparency into all of your stores while keeping information at your fingertips.

Powerful Task Management

Validate performance and ensure your company’s standards are being met through assigned tasks for employees.

Communication is the key to success in business, keep your employees talking, sharing, and up-to-date.

Direct Communication 

Respond to your customer's issues immediately and turn any negative situation into a positive.  Need help, let us do it for you!

Ticketing System

With so many to-dos, keep information flowing, accurate, and easy to digest while making sure your team can simply access important information.

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Customer Feedback and Response

Mentor allows you to collect feedback in many ways, from normal text input, to rating, to images and videos. From there, the system uses our A.I. tools to develop an overall sentiment, ranking the feedback  as positive, negative, or neutral.  Tickets are created based on the feedback sentiment and you can quickly respond to your customer's complaints to help turn a negative experience into a positive one.

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A Complete Solution

A single platform for managing day-to-day operations, task management, and customer feedback. Mentor is the complete solution to validate tasks are getting done, creating learning opportunities and having more transparency into your locations, while giving your customers a voice to help your company to move forward and grow.

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Actionable Customer Feedback

Create forms and surveys to capture customer feedback, including photos and videos. Use this feedback to drive actionable tasks to the affected store.

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See how Mentor can help you keep millions of dollars a year from walking out of your business.

walking out of your business each month, dissatisfied, creates an annual loss of to your organization.

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Operational Management

Mentor's patented Evaluation Platform gives managers, support personnel, and operations teams the ability to review those photos or videos and while doing so, record audio commentary, draw directly on the images or video and trigger a response. Once completed, the evaluation will go back to the location where the manager can review the feedback and take corrective action.

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