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Mentor is a web-based service where users upload videos to designated experts within their organization for evaluation, troubleshooting, and coaching. Experts respond over the original video with recorded audio commentary and visual drawing tools.

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Mentor Features

Audio Commentary

Audio commentary allows the evaluator to record their voice right over the video as it plays. The video can also be paused at any time to provide more in depth feedback, freezing an image on the screen for emphasis while continuing audio recording and the use of visual drawing tools. Mentor also offers the ability to completely pause the evaluation at any time for a break or to gather thoughts.

Drawing Tools

Highlight specific areas of the evaluation using the Mentor drawing tools. Simply select the circle or line tool to annotate areas of importance in the video. Change the color of the circle or lines to better highlight those areas or use text for additional comments or notes.
Sales Training

Mentor Uses

Skills Coaching

Create role-playing scenarios your team can practice with any modern video device. Designated trainers can evaluate user submissions while providing audio commentary over the videos. Integrate a custom Grading System to rank key areas of their performance, or a customized Checklist to validate that required elements were included.


Mentor is used to enable the troubleshooting of issues that occur off-site by capturing a video or photos of the problem and submitting them to designated experts for their feedback. Experts located throughout the world r eview the submissions they receive and provide audio commentary on top of the submissions about how to resolve the problems. Drawing tools are used to provide additional detail, and the completed videos are made available via the web to the people who submitted them. Archived videos provide a library of solutions that can be referenced at any time when problems re-occur.

Job Observation

Evaluate individual performance requirements for specific job tasks. Focus on the adoption of new skills, knowledge retention, procedural compliance, or technical proficiency. Evaluations can be archived in an online Submission Library to demonstrate best practices and document performance improvement.

Compliance and Certification

Demonstrate that a team member has met compliance standards or certification requirements for executing a job, process or task. Evaluated videos can be stored in a library to document compliance, corrective action, and support the certification process.

Using customized learning modules, sales team members use Mentor to capture and upload mock sales presentations. The trainers evaluate the submissions while providing audio commentary overlaid on top of the videos. Custom rating systems are created for specific role-playing learning modules so that the trainers can rank key areas of performance, and individualized checklists are included to validate that required training components were submitted. Archived videos are made available to demonstrate best and worst practices for new trainees.

Trainers evaluate individual performance requirements for specific job tasks within the manufacturing environment. Learners submit videos that demonstrate their ability to perform a task or safety procedure, and the trainers provide audio commentary overlaid on top of the videos along with drawing annotations. Evaluations focus on the adoption of new skills, knowledge retention, procedural compliance, and technical proficiency. Videos are archived in an online video library to demonstrate best practices and document performance improvement.

Mentor facilitates quality improvement training for ultrasound technologists. Technologists are asked to submit DICOM studies that are captured during their workday and fulfill the requirements of specific learning modules. Trainers review the submissions while recording audio commentary and annotating the studies with drawing tools and text. Archiving the studies for each technologist over time allows the medical facilities to document quality improvement, and the training is used as part of an ongoing program to provide continuing education credits.

The Mentor technology can be integrated into most Learning Management Systems, allowing contextual feedback to be given to otherwise static learning experiences. Using the existing LMS framework, learners can submit videos, photos, or audio recordings of themselves executing a task, performing a skill, or demonstrating their knowledge of a specific topic. The submissions are evaluated by designated experts using the Mentor voiceover audio and drawing tools, and the learner reviews the newly annotated video that has been returned to them within the LMS. The evaluations are archived as part of the LMS and used to document the fulfillment of training delivery and compliance requirements.

How Mentor Works

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