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Case Study: Mentor supports a global manufacturer of high-end luxury goods in implementing a leadership development program as an integral part of the company’s reorganization. 

The client is the manufacturer of high-end luxury goods. An expert turnaround consultant was brought in to implement a complete reorganization of the company’s operating structure and systems, and he would have three months to build a sustainable training program that could support organizational changes.


The reorganization impacted the company at all levels, and a significant percentage of the workforce was let go as a result. To salvage morale, the consultant set out to rebuild a culture focused on continuous engagement and improvement. If the last 20 years leading successful turnaround projects had taught him anything, it was that he would need to find the guiding few to affect the masses. He reasoned that if he could find 20 employees within the organization to drive company culture, it would trickle down to the 500.

Roughly 20 employees were moved into more senior roles within the company, but would require soft skills training in order to successfully navigate their new leadership roles. The consultant was limited to a three-month engagement and would need to develop a blended learning program that maximized the value of face-to-face training while providing a structure for ongoing coaching and development after his departure from the company. He was challenged to implement a training program that would:

Maximize the ROI on Face-To-Face Leadership Training

The goal was to provide managers with new skills they could use on an ongoing basis to support their teams; but leadership training would cause lost productivity hours, and the consultant would need to maximize the return on the time that was invested in face-to-face training to avoid driving up costs associated with lost productivity.

Provide Ongoing Training Infrastructure

The consultant would need to be able to quickly onboard and implement the new training program to support ongoing coaching and development for the company’s employees after his three-month term had ended. This was critical to limiting training fade and ensuring new managers were continuing to improve their skills over time by participating in ongoing training initiatives.

Keep New Managers Engaged with Senior Management

A goal of the training program was to create a culture within the company that embraced ongoing coaching and continuous improvement.  The training program would need to provide infrastructure to support ongoing communication and feedback between new managers and senior management. The hope was that by providing a structure that allowed for personalized feedback between leadership teams, the consultant could begin to build a company culture that embraced ongoing coaching and continuous improvement.  

Training fade was the greatest risk to reduced ROI. Implementing a program solution that provided a feedback loop for personalized training opportunities was key to ensuring that managers continued to receive the same level of coaching expertise from the consultant after his departure, so that in turn, they could become more effective leaders.


Mentor, the video evaluation platform, would allow the consultant to provide ongoing leadership training to new managers remotely after his three-month engagement had ended. Managers would receive face-to-face training sessions and personalized feedback via the Mentor platform to foster their continued development in leadership roles. This process of continuous improvement would help to maximize ROI on in-person training events hosted by new managers, and would enable the consultant and senior management to:

Create a Curriculum Using Open-Source and Customized Courses

The training program would include open-source soft skills courses and custom assignments for managers to submit videos to trainers that captured them in a variety of role-playing scenarios.

Observe On–The-Job Training Delivery by New Managers

New Managers would capture videos of themselves delivering training to their own teams and submit them for evaluation. These videos would allow the consultant to observe the managers on the job in order to determine their strengths and weaknesses, and to provide personalized feedback to each of them on ways they could improve training delivery.

Remove Barriers Due to Geography

New managers would stay connected to senior management through increased frequency of interactions. Mentor allowed managers to submit videos to their coaches when it was convenient for them, and trainers could evaluate the videos when it suited their schedules.

Use Custom Grading Tools

Trainers could use the patented, audio-visual tools to provide audio commentary and annotations on top of manager video submissions. In addition to these evaluation tools, a custom grading system would allow managers to receive final scores for multiple components of each training assignment. Managers would be able to track their own progress and the consultant could continuously monitor the effectiveness of the training program.



Mentor proved to be the right solution to maximize ROI on the training investment, and provided the infrastructure to foster continued engagement across the organization.

Maximized ROI on Training Investment

Up to 80% of what was learned in a traditional training environment was lost over time due to training fade. Mentor increased the efficiency with which the trainees managed their teams and projects, allowing them to review training modules in video archives to improve retention and foster their leadership skills on an ongoing basis.

Created an Ongoing Leadership Program

Mentor created an effective feedback loop for senior management to stay connected to new managers, and for managers to connect to their teams. The consultant was able to review the evaluated videos after his initial engagement had ended to monitor the ongoing progress of the leadership program he had put in place.

Developed a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Teams had access to e-learning courses and supplementary training videos from managers to foster ongoing engagement and retention, and could submit role-playing videos to managers for review to improve soft skills. Overall, Mentor provided the infrastructure to support a company culture of continuous improvement at all levels.


Luxuary Goods Manufacturer 

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