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5 Benefits Of Using Online Sales Training For Your Team

On Apr 25, 2017

It turns out that better training can lead to better retention of sales reps (and employees in general)...Who knew?

On average, it takes more than 5 months to fully onboard a new sales rep (inefficiently), afterwhich only 67% of sales reps are meeting their quotas. 84% of businesses cite a need for improved learning and development within their organizations; and with the average tenure of sales reps being less 2 years, many are beginning to reallocate budgetary spend to improve training and retention. Unlike traditional training methods, elearning enables organizations to control training results, providing scalability and an efficient tracking solution to monitor each learner’s progress. Companies can provide ongoing training remotely to reps all over the country (and world). So while we know you love racking up those corporate skymiles, there's no reason to keep flying your entire team out to a single location for training retreats. Online sales training saves you big on travel while keeping your sales reps on task in the process. 

Investing in online sales training can increase productivity upwards of 30%, profitability by more than 24% and retention of your sales assets in the following ways:

Better Retention of Learned Skills

The majority of sales professionals learn best through trial and error. The most effective elearning platforms for sales use video capture to record learners performing mock demos, presentations, and the like. This type of simulated trial and error environment allows learners to systematically refine their messaging throughout the training process. Trainers can review videos and pinpoint areas needing improvement. This feedback loop improves understanding and retention of learned skills. Trainers can create practice modules for learners to respond to specific scenarios, preparing them to approach prospecting more strategically and to tackle client challenges in creative ways.

Consistent, Measurable Results

Organizations using online sales training have better continuity within their training program. This is where traditional training methods fall short. Organizations relying solely on in-person, lecture-style learning environments have limited control over performance output for individual learners. Without one-on-one support and the ability to monitor individual progress, it’s easy for some to fall behind. Online platforms with custom tracking tools are designed to monitor individual performance, allowing you to set goals, and evaluate individual progress in relation to other learners. This functionality helps trainers create a consistent performance output from their sales team. Trainers set specific goal criteria around learning modules to keep tabs on the progress of individual learners, so that sales reps are better prepared to perform at a level consistent with their more tenured sales colleagues.

Improved Engagement and Accountability

Sales professionals respond particularly well to elearning, taking a more autonomous role in the training process. In a traditional training environment, many learners experience diffusion of responsibility, aimlessly gathering bits and pieces of information without a sense of accountability for their development. Online tracking tools for training can have a significant impact on engagement, enabling learners to proactively monitor their progress. Sales reps stay attuned to their unique training goals, focusing on specific mock scenarios and messaging strategies they need to improve upon. Online sales tools with multimedia features can also improve engagement for individuals with different learning styles. The Mentor platform, for example, allows trainers to use audio commentary and drawing tools to provide feedback directly on top of original video submissions from sales reps, highlighting performance challenges and offering solutions in a one-on-one capacity.

Better Allocation of Training Spend

Online sales training eliminates the need to travel, allowing trainers to access sales reps remotely. No need to fly your sales manager out to various locations throughout the country; instead, sales reps can follow the same training modules at the same time from very different locations. Organization leaders can rest assured that sales reps are getting the same (if not better) training and one-on-one attention with online sales training then they’d get in person. The tracking tools will keep both trainers and learners attuned to training progress from anywhere.

Accessibility & Reduced Skill Fade

The traditional training environment alone does not set your sales reps up to recall important strategies. The trial and error method is far more effective in supporting skill retention. Sales reps can brush up on specific product or service messaging strategies with access to archived videos and learning modules. The remote accessibility is especially useful in real-time application, enabling sales managers to reach their sales reps quickly to update them on new product promotions, discounts, and messaging strategies.

Online sales training is a low risk investment with a high value return, that leads to better sales force retention, increased sales volume per sales asset, and increased productivity overall. Sales reps who are encouraged to take ownership of their learning and development process will stay attuned to their progress, and ultimately become more confident in client exchanges.

Mentor is an online sales training platform that allows organization leaders to improve continuity of their training programs through custom performance tracking. Mentor’s multi-media functionality and patented audio-visual tools improve sales rep retention, allowing trainers to highlight areas within each learner's video submissions showing them where and how they can an instant-replay. To learn more about the benefits of online sales training and how Mentor can support your learning and development goals, request a demo below. 

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