Redefining Productivity

Mentor is designed to give you full transparency into what is happening at all of your stores, job sites, or projects and the ability to impact results - delivering increased efficiencies and profitability across the board.

Where All of Your Business Comes Together

Here’s how we’ll help your team connect, perform, and track results in one place...

Multiple Location Support

Create a highly efficient workflow by controlling daily operations, interacting directly with your employees and having real-time information at your fingertips to make better, targeted decisions.

Team Support

Keep your team accountable by creating projects and workflows for them to complete and assigning tasks for specific team members.


Interact, engage and set goals for your team as they work through their day. Complete projects on time and under budget.

In-Context Feedback

Track project completion using the checks and balances available in Mentor. Upload photos and videos of project milestones or completed tasks to confirm proof of a job well done. Review your teams’ completed tasks and give feedback using our evaluation platform.

Everything in One Place

You can’t be everywhere at once. Let Mentor take the chaos out of your daily operations and give it a more simplistic approach. Manage, control and organize all of your locations within one platform.

Track Performance and Results

Use reports to track results and stay up-to-date on progress while having full transparency of your teams’ activities. Oversee that tasks are being completed on time and under budget.

Save Time. Improve your ROI.

Fully customizable to meet your unique business needs.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets, excessive emailing, and clunky business systems. With Mentor, you can minimize the need for manual administrative tasks and keep your team focused on what matters most. See how Mentor enables better collaboration, supports information sharing, provides agility, and delivers measurable cost savings.

Quickly create tasks, track jobs, oversee activities and manage operations exactly how you want. Everything can be configured to mirror the way your team works. Mentor makes it easy for you to have a tailored solution that maps to your requirements.


Connecting Your Business

Mentor gives you more transparency into the operations in all corners of your business.

Mentor gives you real-time insights so you can see every aspect of project progress without the time-consuming exercise of trying to schedule a status meeting or send redundant emails.

View tasks at-a-glance and dive into details to make better, informed decisions. Easily share information, give feedback, and start conversations to identify challenges before they become problems.

Audio Commentary

As you watch submitted content, you can record your comments and describe what you are seeing on the screen, outline actions to be completed, or give vital feedback necessary to your teams' success.


The drawing tools allow for the addition of more detail, putting you in control of making the evaluation as complex or as simple as needed.

Knowledge Library

Whether soft skills, remote troubleshooting, or validation; communicate with your employees like never before, keeping your team productive, up-to-date, and more engaged. Archive the evaluations and reference them at a later date.

Retention Loop

Have your team upload photos, videos or documents, then have an expert on your team review their uploaded content. Once completed, your team members can watch their reviews and learn from the process. This feedback loop allows your team to retain knowledge and implement it more quickly into their workday.

Real Companies, Doing Real Business

Mentor gives you the freedom to effectively and efficiently run your company the way you want and to watch as important project milestones are achieved. An incredibly intuitive platform, Mentor is easy to learn and simple to use. You and your employees can communicate and support one another like never before. Keep your teams on task and effectively manage activities at multiple locations in order to save you and your organization time and money.