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Case Study: Mentor expands an online learning program to attract new students and contribute to top-line growth. 

In their highly competitive industry, this makeup academy wanted to distinguish itself by optimizing their training program to include an online learning curriculum that could provide individualized and consistent support to students. Their goal was to differentiate themselves away from competitors by offering an online training solution that enabled them to grow their business using cutting-edge video and image-evaluation technology.



Students had limited time to commute to the academy. As a workaround, the academy wanted to build out an online training curriculum that would allow students to access coursework and training modules remotely. To maintain the same quality training, they would need to implement an online training solution that would emulate one-on-one, in-person training. Building an effective online training program would present the following challenges:


Personalizing Training in an Online Format
Video training is an essential component of the academy’s curriculum. Thus, trainers needed to find an online program that would support video learning, and enable them to provide personalized feedback to individual students regarding their progress in developing new skills.

Differentiating the Academy from Competitors
Since online learning gives a teaching academy the ability to recruit new students from any geographic location, the client needed to demonstrate their capacity to offer a unique learning experience that would provide added value to a student beyond the remote capacity that wasn’t available at competitor schools.

Offering Students a Flexible Training Schedule
With students all over the world, students and trainers would need a flexible solution that would allow them to connect without coordinating their schedules. Students would need to be able to submit videos demonstrating their ability to perform certain skills at a time that was convenient for them while allowing the trainers the flexibility to provide feedback at a time that worked for their busy schedules.

Monitoring Training Progress for All Students

Delivering a training curriculum online through the use of traditional tools alone would not allow students to demonstrate that they had actually developed the artistic skills taught to them. Traditional online training focuses on having students watch educational videos to receive information that can assist with their learning. When teaching skills that require artistic expression, the educators need to have a feedback mechanism to see that both the technical skills and the artistic components have been internalized.



Mentor, the remote video evaluation platform, would allow the academy’s trainers to review student video demonstrations and to deliver targeted feedback to each student on an individualized basis throughout their course of study. By choosing Mentor as a training solution, the academy benefited from the following:


Personalized Online Training
Mentor enables trainers at the academy to provide each student with personalized feedback on a frequent basis throughout the course of their program. Students stay connected to their trainers and take a proactive role in monitoring progress over time.

Removal of Travel Costs and Geographical Barriers

Mentor allows students to submit videos and images to their instructors when it is convenient for them, and academy trainers then review and evaluate student demonstrations when it suits their schedules. This is a key to having a successful, interactive online program that is available to all students, regardless of their location.

Individual Learning Libraries

Video evaluations are stored in an online library that is private for each student to review their progress at any time, revisit prior lessons, and to support skill retention.

Custom Grading Tools

Academy trainers utilize the Mentor audio-visual tools to provide commentary and annotations in their evaluations. In addition to these tools, the Mentor grading system allows students to track their progress on different skill components within each learning module.  This provides the academy with relevant data to measure the effectiveness of their online programs.



Mentor proved to be the right solution to expand the academy’s online learning curriculum, differentiate their services from competitors, grow their client base, and increase top-line revenue.

Improved Training Outcomes
Mentor allows the academy’s trainers to provide each student with personalized feedback. The Mentor platform has proven to be a successful alternative to face-to-face training, enabling trainers to provide targeted evaluations of student videos and to pinpoint skills requiring improvement using the audio-visual tools, voice-over commentary, screen annotations, and custom grading tools.

Market Differentiation
The academy has been able to develop messaging to prospective students that distinguish them from competitor schools. Mentor makes it easy for them to quantify the return on their training investment by highlighting the benefits of the remote video evaluation program.

Increased Revenue
Offering a remote video evaluation and training solution opened the academy up to new business. Prospective students from around the world seeking a nearby artistic trade school were able to enroll in the remote program and receive training that otherwise would not be accessible.



Makeup Academy 

A solution to expand training capacity to include remote education opportunities and to attract students worldwide who were otherwise unable to access the curriculum.

Mentor Remote Training Platform

Improved Training Continuity, Market Differentiation, and Increased Revenue

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