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Case Study: Mentor provides a pharmaceutical company with a comprehensive solution to compliance training.


The client is a pharmaceutical company looking to augment its training program to include a comprehensive evaluation process for compliance training. Pharmaceutical companies are subject to a myriad of compliance regulations associated with the development, manufacturing, and distribution of their products. Governments dictate compliance standards for pharmaceutical sales reps to follow when selling to the life sciences markets; and a breach of any rule can result in fines and penalties totaling tens, or even hundreds of millions of dollars, not to mention reputational harm caused by delays in product approval or product recalls, imprisonment, and plant shutdowns. While these companies recognize the critical need to include compliance as part of their overall sales training programs, many fail to provide a thorough evaluation process to ensure sales reps can adhere to regulatory requirements.



The client’s previous sales training program focused on preparing sales reps to speak to the efficacy of their products in relation to competitor brands, and did not allow trainers to effectively administer and account for compliance regulations. They needed a comprehensive training solution that would allow them to vet trainees for sales effectiveness, as well as their understanding of compliance regulatory standards. The new sales program would need to account for the following challenges:


Ineffective Evaluation Process
Trainees completed an online exam via an e-learning platform and were expected to answer a series of true/false questions that would reflect their conceptual understanding of compliance rules, but provided no clear indication of their applied sales skills in accordance with regulatory standards. This evaluation method left the client open to the risk of violating compliance should a sales rep fail to adhere to certain regulations in communication with medical professionals.

Process Documentation
In the event of a federal compliance investigation, the client could provide data on the training process (number of completed sessions, training curriculum, etc.), but was unable to provide investigators with verifiable data to prove they had properly administered and accounted for compliance training.

Limited Individualized Support
Sales managers and trainers would travel with reps and attend sales calls to observe and ensure reps were following regulatory procedures. With a global sales force, the number of face-to-face visits was limited by the amount of time a trainer had to devote to each member of their sales team, and provided only a snapshot view of how the rep was consistently performing.




The pharmaceutical company chose Mentor, the remote video evaluation platform, to integrate a comprehensive training and evaluation solution for compliance.


By using Mentor for their online learning programs, trainers provide sales reps with personalized feedback on a frequent basis, creating role play scenarios for sales reps to respond to questions via a webcam video capture that demonstrates both their sales skills, and their ability to answer compliance questions often encountered in sales calls and presentations.


They were able to expand on their existing e-learning program in the following ways:


Comprehensive Evaluation Tools
Mentor allows sales reps to submit mock presentations to trainers, creating a feedback loop for trainers to then evaluate performance and adherence to compliance regulatory standards. Trainers use audio-visual tools to overlay commentary and annotations on video submissions, highlighting areas requiring correction or improvement.

Proper Evidentiary Support in the Event of a Compliance Breach
The Mentor grading system safeguards the company in the event of a compliance breach by allowing trainers to assign final scores for multiple components of each training assignment, and archive training videos in the online library. Investigators could review training videos to validate that proper training and evaluation processes were administered to minimize any instance of a compliance breach.

Increased Individualized Support and Performance Monitoring
The Mentor remote evaluation feature made it easy for sales managers and trainers to provide ongoing training support, limiting their need to travel frequently with reps on sales calls, and giving them a more thorough understanding of their sales performance and application of compliance regulatory standards. The trainers produce new learning modules for sales reps to practice critical skills in both selling and compliance adherence on a regular basis. Reps can stay connected to trainers and respond to feedback on video evaluations, and trainers can easily monitor sales rep progress over time.  

Mentor proved to be the right solution for this global pharmaceutical company to administer ongoing sales training, evaluate sales performance, and validate individual application of compliance regulatory standards. The remote training capacity, custom grading and audio-visual evaluation tools have created a feedback loop for sales reps that support retention of learned skills and minimize the considerable risks associated with a breach in compliance.



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A solution to evaluate sales rep adherance to compliance regulatory standards.


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Comprehensive Evaluation Process, Improved Training Continuity and Compliance Solution 

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