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Case Study: Mentor creates a competitive advantage for a communications training consultancy with interactive online learning.


The client is a well-established market leader in the field of communications, leadership, presentation training and coaching. Recognizing the value of their extensive on-site program offerings, their clients wanted increased access to training, and asked if they could expand the program to include personalized, distance learning. This type of online program would improve training outcomes for their trainees, reduce or eliminate travel costs, and allow the consultancy to take on new clients and grow revenue.



By expanding their existing programs to include distance learning, the consultancy could leverage the expertise of their trainers at a large scale to consistently provide the highest standard of communications, leadership, and presentation training and coaching. Implementing an effective distance training program presented the following challenges:

Providing Personalized Training Opportunities
Personalized, one-on-one training was the hallmark of their success, and the online curriculum would need to offer the same level of personalization to new and existing clients that was available with the on-site programs.

Maintaining Distinct Value Over Competitors
Throughout the communications training industry, consultancies offer on-site programs as a primary training solution, enabling learners to interact face-to-face with coaches. To provide value and benefits above the competition via an online curriculum, the consultancy needed to provide the same high-quality training remotely that they were able to provide face-to-face.

Offering a Flexible Training Schedule
With students located throughout the world, students and trainers needed a flexible solution that would allow them to connect without coordinating their schedules. The client needed a solution that would enable students to submit videos demonstrating their communication skills at a time that was convenient for them, while allowing trainers the flexibility to provide targeted feedback at a time that fit within their busy schedule.

In order to successfully deliver training curriculum online, the consultancy would need to provide a feedback loop for personalized training opportunities, enabling learners to receive the same level of coaching expertise that is delivered face-to-face in their on-site programs.



The client identified an opportunity to build on the success of their business with Mentor, the remote video evaluation platform. Mentor would allow trainers to review student video submissions and deliver targeted feedback to each student on an individualized basis throughout their course of study.  By choosing Mentor as a training solution, the consultancy benefited from the following:

Personalized Online Training
Mentor enables trainers at the consultancy to provide each student with personalized feedback on a frequent basis throughout the course of their training program. Students stay connected to their trainers and take a proactive role in monitoring their progress over time.

Removal of Geographical Barriers
Mentor allows students to submit videos to their coaches when it is convenient for them, and instructors can evaluate the videos when it suits their schedules. This is a key to having a successful, interactive online program that is available to all students, regardless of their location.

Individual Learning Libraries
Video evaluations are stored in an online library that is private for each student to review their progress at any time, revisit prior evaluations, and stay attuned to their training progress and results.

Custom Grading Tools
Trainers utilize the Mentor audio-visual tools to provide commentary and annotations in their assessments. In addition to these tools, the Mentor grading system allows students to track their progress for various components of each training assignment.  This provides the consultancy with relevant data to measure the effectiveness of their online programs.



Mentor proved to be the right solution to support the expansion of the consultancy’s valued training programs, enabling them to differentiate their services from competitors, grow their client base, and ultimately increase top-line revenue.

Improved Training Outcomes
Mentor allows trainers to provide every student with personalized feedback on a regular and ongoing basis. The Mentor platform has proven to be a successful alternative to face-to-face training solution, allowing trainers to provide targeted evaluations specific to individual communication styles using audio-visual tools, voice-over commentary, screen annotations, and custom grading tools.

Market Differentiation
The Mentor tools make it easy for the consultancy to communicate the value of participating in a distance learning program and enable them to provide coaching services that are missing from the majority of competitor programs.

Increased Revenue
Offering online training programs opened the consultancy up to new business. Prospective clients from around the world seeking an online training solution in the specialized field of communications training were able to enroll in the distance learning programs and receive training that otherwise would not be available to them.



Communications Training Consultancy


A training solution that provides distinct value over competitor communications training programs. 


Mentor Remote Training Platform


Improved Training Continuity, Performance Tracking, Skill Retention, and Increased Revenue

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