Learning and Assessments

Design, maintain and manage all of your training programs.

Where All of Your Business Comes Together

Track employee and business performance and connect with your team wherever you are.

Customized Learning

Create courses and assignments, assessments or quizzes to educate and train your employees. Create teams to assign groups or team members to courses or training they need to improve performance.


Employees can use the platform to submit videos or images then receive contextual feedback directly from a trainer or coach within your organization.

Impactful Feedback

Use the evaluation platform to provide contextual feedback when team members upload photos or videos. Provide an evaluation to team members using in-context feedback or the drawing tools.


Create quizzes to monitor and assess learning and training outcomes with employees. Quizzes are in multiple choice format and give you a better understanding of where employees stand in their learning.

Monitor Progress

Use reports to stay up-to-date and track your team’s training and performance over time. Monitor daily operations and keep track of issues before they arise. Send out progress reports to key stakeholders.


Organize your employees into teams to better manage training. Easily assign courses and assignments, assessments and quizzes to your HR department or your sales team for more effective training outcomes. Whatever your team needs, Mentor has the solution.

Better Training Through Assessments

Fully customizable to meet your unique business needs.

Mentor’s learning module gives you the control to manage your business and train new and existing employees across multiple locations under one platform. Organize information in one central area to support your team and their varied training needs, whether it’s successful onboarding, certification compliance, gaining technical skills, or executing process change.


Streamline Your Training Needs

Make learning fun, efficient, and productive for your business

Mentor revitalizes learning and does away with extra work and unreliable results. See immediate changes to your ROI as training becomes second nature to your team. Engage your team with assessments and give them the feedback they need to be more efficient and feel more confident. Assign quizzes, get into conversations, and keep your team learning and moving forward.

Audio Commentary

As you watch submitted content, you can record your comments and describe what you are seeing on the screen, outline actions to be completed, or give vital feedback necessary to your teams' success.


The drawing tools allow for the addition of more detail, putting you in control of making the evaluation as complex or as simple as needed.

Knowledge Library

Whether soft skills, remote troubleshooting, or validation; communicate with your employees like never before, keeping your team productive, up-to-date, and more engaged. Archive the evaluations and reference them at a later date.

Retention Loop

Have your team upload photos, videos or documents, then have an expert on your team review their uploaded content. Once completed, your team members can watch their reviews and learn from the process. This feedback loop allows your team to retain knowledge and implement it more quickly into their workday.

Learning, Reimagined

The Mentor Learning solution enables you to develop employee training programs targeted to specific teams within your organization. Configure and build courses that fully address the individual training outcomes needed by your teams. Set the guidelines for who needs to be trained, what types of training they need, and the schedule for completion.